Safety Tips: Gasoline

  1. In 1998, 4,700 gasoline fires in U.S. homes killed 86 people, injured 463 others, and damaged $92 million worth of property.
  2. Among the causes of these fires:
    • Spilling fuel
    • Using gasoline to wash auto parts or to clean something
    • Storing gasoline too close to a source of heat source
    • Kids playing with gas
    • Using it to start a grill or bonfire.
  3. Store gasoline where children can’t see or reach it.
  4. Never allow children to handle gasoline.
  5. Don’t use or store gasoline near anything that runs on electricity, oil or gas; anything that contains a pilot light; or anything that can produce a spark.
  6. Store gasoline outside your house, in a garage or shed, for example. Keep gas in a tightly closed, metal or plastic container specifically made for gasoline. Don’t use milk jugs or other bottles.
  7. Keep the minimum amount of gas you need for your mower or other tools.
  8. Never use gasoline in place of kerosene.
  9. When you are putting gas in your car, don’t get back into and then out of the car.
  10. Have a fire extinguisher marked for “B” type fires (gasoline and other flammable liquids). Know how to use it.
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