Zone Inspections

Safety Tips: Zone Inspections

Zone inspections can cover a lot of territory, both literally and figuratively. If you bring along a safety specialist, you can use these inspections to uncover some common and easy-to-fix hazards:

  1. Overloaded electrical circuits. Look for power strips plugged into power strips, too many machines plugged into one outlet, or devices that require a grounded outlet plugged into ungrounded outlets.
  2. Blocked or awkward hallways and passageways.
  3. Extension cords or power cords lying where people have to walk on them.
  4. Hazardous materials stored in the open or in the wrong place.
  5. Fire extinguishers that are missing, that don’t have an inspection tag, or that haven’t been inspected in a long time.
  6. Floors or decks that are slippery or irregular.
  7. Ladders with loose or slick treads.
  8. Missing safety lines and warning signs.
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