Our Goal

The objective of SafetyMoment.org is to improve company and individual safety practices and culture by collecting, organizing, hosting and delivering video clips and slide sets describing a range of safety topics.

Via this online system, project professionals have a one stop shop for safety content. (You will no longer need to scramble before a meeting to find a safety moment for your presentation. In fact, we recommend showing your selected video straight off the site. We find that safety dialog is enhanced when participants have the chance to see safety situations on an “incident-relevant” backdrop, where similar content is hosted, and can be reviewed simply by moving your mouse and clicking.)

As viewers, you have the ability to upload your own safety content, in almost any file type. The goal is to create a safety networking portal, where safety content is clearly cataloged, and easily delivered.

Who We Are

In 2008, this site was conceived and created by Project Navigator, Ltd. (PNL). However, in that content can be contributed by any user, we expect the site will grow by being populated by project professionals who have to deal with safety, day in and day out.

Project Navigator, Ltd.’s nationwide team of engineers, scientists and geologists manage complex environmental projects. The company’s specialty is environmental assessment, design and remediation, with a focus on Superfund (CERCLA) sites. PNL’s employees are experts in data and information management, and visual engineering. PNL is pioneering the innovative use of online content management tools.